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Wednesday, 03 April, 2019

What the Most Used Escort Abbreviations & Terms Stand For

Most industries and sectors tend to use shortened abbreviations and terms to either describe their products or services. Just like most industries the escorting industry also uses shortened abbreviations & terms. This basically helps shorten long tailed descriptive words. However this can also be problematic for individuals who don’t know the terms nor understand what they stand for. This is why we are going to break down the main and most used abbreviations and terms in the world of escort services.

Main Escort Service Abbreviations & Terms

GFE – GFE means a girl friend experience. This is a tailored service which entails a service similar to what you would expect and feel when being intimate with a girl friend. You could consider this as a more personal and up close escort service. Whereby you get to do things you would with your girl friend like intimate kissing and sensual touching & caressing. Not all escorts provide this as they feel this is too personal. Find out more on GFE escorts in our other blogs

FK – FK stands for French kissing. This is where an escort companion is comfortable allowing for kissing with the use of tongues. A little suggestion would be never just stick your complete tongue in folks as this is not correct method. This is whether you are kissing an escort or real life partner.

OWO – OWO is when oral is performed without the use of a condom. This is a personal service and most escorts that offer this provide it to their discretion. Also this is dependant mostly on ones hygiene. Just a suggestion from us folks, always stay covered no matter how tempted you may feel, as prevention is always better than a cure.

DFK – DFK means deep French kissing and entails vigorous use of tongues when kissing. Some enjoy this hence some escorts allow for this which once again depends on hygiene and discretion.

RP – RP stands for role play. This is where you can request a companion to perhaps dress in an outfit that arouses you and act out a scene that you fantasise about. For example a lady in uniform may turn you on therefore act out a scene such perhaps cops and robbers. Or perhaps you would like to be treated special via sex nurse while you play the unwell. The limits are endless with booking fantasy role play escorts.

DT – DT means deep throat. Whereby you can expect an escort to perform or take your entire special boy in her mouth no matter the size when performing oral.

A Levels – A Level means someone who is comfortable performing anal sex.

BDSM – BDSM means bondage, discipline (domination), and masochism & sadism type of sexual practices. Book BDSM escorts in Manchester

DUO – DUO is where a companion is OK to & can perform with service alongside another companion. You could describe DUO escorts this as being similar to threesome.

The above are all the main terms and abbreviations of the escorting industry. There are many more terms but the above are the ones which are used and preferred the most. Keep an eye out for our next blog on escort abbreviations to discover more and the rest of the escorting terms. If you are confused or would like to know more about certain escort terms then feel free to contact Showgirlz Manchester escort agency. We will be more than happy to advice.