You’re Girlfriend Vs an Escort Companion

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Escort Girls Vs Partners

Having a girlfriend is certainly wonderful; however it most definitely has its pitfalls. Booking an escort companion is also a wonderful experience but can also have its downsides.

All living things have an urge and need to satisfy their sexual urges, be it an animal or be it a human being. This is why we all seek the perfect other to achieve this sensation. All straight males’ need a female companion and vice versa. Hence why looking for and having girlfriend is the norm. However some people are either too busy or just don’t have the means to being capable of holding a relationship with a girlfriend. This is where a female escort companion plays a vital part in society.

Benefits & Disadvantages of Having a Girlfriend

A girlfriend not only helps satisfy sexual needs but also can help elevate ones natural aura. This can be through being a shoulder to lean on when you’re on a downer or when you may feel like you need advice or reassurance. Being in a relationship means well should mean that you always have someone to talk to on the other end of either the phone or face to face no matter what time of the day or night it is.

A girlfriend is a partner whom you one should be able to count on and trust. Someone you can share good and bad moments. As they say what’s the point in anything in life if you have no one to share them with. Like for example if you just bought  a new car or maybe just won the lottery, what would be the point in driving it alone or even having no one to spend on! A joy shared is much better than going it alone and a sorrow shared helps relieves.

However sometimes relationships can become boring or either hostile due to various reasons. Perhaps your partner no longer fully satisfies you. With time people change and so do wants and needs. Over time the same sexual experiences just may not cut it for you. But your girlfriend just doesn’t want to adjust to fully please you anymore. Perhaps you have no trust left due to lies breaking your trust or maybe you just need a change and she doesn’t. You may be busy to work commitments which may mean you are always on the move from city to city and never get the chance to get close and personal anymore. This can cause your relationship to become sour. So as nice it is to have a girlfriend, i can also be a very bad experience. This is where hiring a female escort can play vital part.

Benefits & Disadvantages of Hiring an Escort

When relationships with a girlfriend become boring, stressful, and tedious hiring a female escort’s companion can be the perfect solution. An escort is solely there to please the client, you! An escort is much more open minded when it comes to sexual pleasure and desires than most girlfriends. They provide services which you could only dream of with a girlfriend.

Booking female escorts can also be similar to relationships without any trust issues. Dependant on your arrangements you can always contact them or to off load stress. Be it sexual or mental release. A hired escort is not there to judge you when requesting sexual requirements. So you don’t have to feel nervous or even shy when asking like you would with a girlfriend.

If your busy and constantly on the move or don’t have time for a relationship then arrange escort services can be ideal. This is especially true when you’re moving from different place o place as escort girls and ladies are readily available in most places of the world. Be it New York in the USA or whether your looking for a Manchester escorts agency in Manchester U.K. All you have to do is pick up the phone & before you know it the escort of your choice will with you satisfying exactly what you needed in the moment. However you only have an allocated time with this very addictive experience with an escort. And as easy and simple it was to arrange a date with an escort is just as easy they walk away and leave you alone again. Yes all alone perhaps becoming an individual who wants more mentally and is only achievable through a sustainable relationship. The drawbacks of no strings attached adult fun hey! At least you don’t or won’t have anyone constantly bickering or arguing whenever you request something sexual.


Both having a girlfriend and booking an escort have their advantages and disadvantages. Overall one may be the better option dependant on our situation or preferences. You probably have more adult sexual fun with female escorts than with your girlfriend without the nagging or begging ha ha. However you if you don’t want to be alone forever then your chances of success are better with a relationship with girlfriend or partner. The choice is yours!